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So I find it interesting how Making a Sonic Character seems to be a rite of passage for many young creative types. Take a well existing art style, and emulate it while making your own character.

But when you look at the characters, they always lack something. To me Their eyes are drawn wrong, usually. Mainly it's what they're looking at. They're never looking at the audience, they never seem to really be looking at something, but instead zone off to an unseen somewhere. They lack a known focus. Sure they were made to be fan creations in this established world, but they have not focus beyond that. They aren't real, they have no "soul"...Like the artist him/herself at this moment. They exist, they can draw, but at this moment they have no "artistic soul" They're just looking to other places, other then their audience. Once they find their purpose can their characters evolve from being Sonic rip offs and really start looking at the audience.

What do you think?

So...this was the third Theditor. Unused for the last two years. My First DeviantArt account, Theeditor, was at the beginning of my "Theditor" personality, it's still up, but not for much longer as I will be taking my drawings from there, updating them, and posting them here. My Second account, made in the fall of last year, was Thedit0r. Made because I wanted a name that was "Theditor", but forgot that I had made this account, and was flummoxed that the name was taken. Today I decided to find out who had "Theditor" and to my surprise, it was me. The password was even easily remembered, so it really does confuse me on why I hadn't used this profile much sooner. Well no matter, I am Fully Activating Theditor now, in Drawings and Animations, centrally located around my new Facebook Page. So please enjoy what is to come.